Using the Customizer

The Customizer for this theme is set to mimic the Geoplatform main site. It has some built-in features that allow you to Edit the functionality of the site and look without having to call a developer. Some of the features include the ability to change Header colors, A WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) banner area editor, different fonts, background image, and customization links.

Getting started

You have two options to get to the Customizer. The first is from the Theme selection page, then click the Customize Button.

  Theme Selection page


When you first navigate to the site page, you will notice a banner in the top left of your screen.

Top left banner  

Hit the Customize button in the middle to open the Customizer


When you open the Customizer, it will have a series of sections you can choose from to edit


Site Identity

Use this area to add your Community name. You can also add an icon that shows up in the tab that your page is on

Header Color Section – Changing Header Colors

This section allows you to change the color scheme of your community page to match a certain color scheme by being able to customize the header level colors throughout the site.

header colors

To use, simply:

  • Click on Select Color for the Header you want to edit
  • use the color palette tool that drops down to dynamically choose a color. You can drag the small circle to anywhere in the box to pick a color and it will show up. The bar to the right chooses saturation of the picked color
  • you can also type or copy/paste in any hexadecimal color value in and it will change it as well

Font Section

This area lets you choose between 2 different site-wide fonts: Lato and Slabo. If you would like more fonts added, go to and let the developers know which ones you would like and we can add it in.

Banner Area


Text Editor

  • This is the exact same editor area for posts and pages in the backend of WordPress. That means that any type of formatting, pictures, links, etc. will show up exactly as you like in the home page banner of your site.
  • One notable difference between this one and the page/post editor is this symbol,Screenshot from 2017-02-03 18-49-17 which opens up the editor to the entire page so you don’t have to make your banner edits in that tiny sidebar of the customizer.

Header Image

Screenshot from 2017-02-03 19-16-50

This area is for the background banner image you see behind the banner text you just added. By default it will have the image for Geoplatform, but you can add any image you like. It will automatically be a little darkened from what you upload so the text can show up.

Randomizing uploaded headers just picks one image from a few previous ones.



WordPress gives you the ability to create your own custom menus. To get better acquainted with using this functionality, check out this beginners guide. A key difference here is this theme does not have primary or secondary menu locations, but they are set according to locations in the dropdown and footer menu. See the image below for menu locations.


Using the Theme

Featured Services on front page

Map Manager, Map Viewer, Marketplace Preview and Performance Dashboard cards have all been added to the front of the site for ease of access.

Featured Services  


The Features and Announcements area is where your posts will show up. If you are unfamiliar with creating posts and how to fully utilize them, we suggest reading this quick guide to help you get started.

All posts will show up in the Features and Announcements section. The first 3 posts you put together will show up here in the Geoplatform Card format. Anything following that will be in smaller excerpt format below.


It is highly recommended that you add a “Featured Image” to any post you create so it will accurately show up in the card format. To do so, you navigate to the Featured Image section in the right sidebar where you create a post, next to the Custom Fields area:

Screenshot from 2017-02-03 20-58-42

If you have more than 3 posts created, you can navigate through them using the Previous and Next buttons below them on the front page. They will not show up if you have less than 3 posts created.


Banner text for Posts/Pages

You are able to edit any page or post banner content using the same type of WYSIWYG editor from the front page. The difference here is that the WYSIWYG editor is on the post/page editor screen and NOT in the Customizer mentioned above. When you edit the banner area in Customizer, it only applies to the banner on the front page.

Banner Text  

Underneath the Editor in the post or page you are in, scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find the Banner Area Custom Content Editor. As it states, anything you add there will show up as you desire in the banner area of that post or page.


In Closing

If anything comes up in your use of this theme that you feel isn’t covered. Let us know!