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International boundaries delineate the geographic extent of sovereignty of foreign areas as understood by the United States. These boundaries between sovereign states, political entities, and other special geographic areas have distinct foreign policy implications for the United States, as determined by the Department of State. The representation of these boundaries must, when possible, follow the legal instruments that create them and must mirror United States Government foreign policy relative to recognition, dispute status, and depiction. International boundary data includes both textual information to describe, and GIS digital cartographic data to depict, foreign land and maritime international boundaries, other lines of separation, limits, zones, enclaves/exclaves and special areas between sovereign states and dependencies. The international boundaries between the United States and Mexico and the United States and Canada are excluded from this theme. Boundaries associated with internal administrative divisions of a foreign sovereign state do not fall within this theme.
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Sponsor: Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), Office of the Secretariat (email)
Theme Lead Agency: Department of State
Theme Lead: Lee Schwartz (DOS)