GeoJSON Feed Layers

This describes how to register Atom or RSS feeds as Layers with the GeoPlatform using the GeoPlatform Object Editor application.


You need a valid GeoPlatform account and a web-accessible Atom or RSS feed containing CAP or GeoJSON geometries (such as NWS Weather Alerts).

Verify the Feed

To quickly verify if a given feed is suitable, navigate your browser to the following address:<FEED_URL>

A GeoJSON feed collection document should be displayed with one more more features containing geometries.

  1. Log into your GeoPlatform account using Object Editor
  2. Navigate to the editor for a new Layer
  3. Give the Layer a title
  4. Navigate to the Layer Info tab
  5. Under Services, associate the GeoPlatform GeoJSON Feed Service with the Layer
  6. Give the Layer a layer name of “0”
  7. Navigate to the Links tab
  8. Under Distributions, add a new distribution
    1. Give the distribution the title of the feed being used (e.g., “NWS Weather Alerts”)
    2. Specify the feed’s web-accessible Atom/RSS URL as the value for the distribution’s access URL
  9. Provide additional information as desired, such as keywords, a geographic extent, and a thumbnail
  10. Generate a URI for the layer on the Details tab
  11. Save the Layer
Verify the Layer

Once the Layer has been created, navigate your browser to the following address:<LAYER_ID>/FeatureServer/0

The Esri FeatureServer JSON service description document should be displayed. If correct, navigate your browser to the following address:<LAYER_ID>/map/

A preview map containing the layehould be displayed.

If no features are present on the map, ensure the feed contains entries with geometries and also check that there are no errors being reportedthe browser’s JS console.

Updated on October 2, 2019
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