Do you have interesting or topical news, new tools, maps or articles that you would like to see featured on the GeoPlatform home page? If so, follow the instructions below to nominate your content!

Nominating a featured article

A featured article is used to share news or information about current activities or events, topics, tools, maps, applications, and more.

Please send the following information to the GeoPlatform Service Desk (

  1. The title of your featured article (45 characters or less).
  2. Attach a high quality image to be used for the “featured card” on the GeoPlatform homepage. We may have to reduce the size of the image.
  3. Write a brief one to three paragraph article describing what is being featured and why, who is responsible for it and where to go and/or who to contact for more information.
  4. Please provide a primary link for users to access more detailed relevant information about the featured information. Please include as many additional links as appropriate.

For more help, use the Ocean Reports Tool as an example.

Nominating Featured Maps

The nominated map can be either a “native” GeoPlatform Map or an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Map. Regardless of map type, it must be a registered Open Map in GeoPlatform.

To nominate a map, please send the following information to the GeoPlatform Service Desk (

  1. The URL of the “details page” for the Open Map object.
    • If it’s an AGOL map that is not yet registered to the GeoPlatform, use the Map Manager or Object Editor apps to register it as a Map object in GeoPlatform.
    • If the map (GeoPlatform Map or AGOL Map) is already registered to GeoPlatform, provide the link to the registered Map object’s “details page” (e.g. the current feature map on portal:
  2. A brief description of what the map is showing, is about, who is responsible for it and any other important information to know.
Updated on November 18, 2019
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