Embedding Map Galleries in your Community Space

Communities can use the GeoPlatform Map Manager, to create a Map Gallery for organizing a variety of GeoPlatform objects (not just maps!). Any kind of object can be added to a Gallery including: Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, Communities, Applications, Topics, Websites, Organizations, Contacts, Persons, Concepts, and Concept Schemes. A gallery curator (typically the user that created the Gallery object) can also use the Object Editor to add map or application resources to an existing Gallery just by knowing their web-accessible URLs. Map Galleries are an easy way to organize, display and access a collection of resources customized to your Community needs.


Here’s How…

To embed a Map Gallery into your community, you will just need the Map Gallery’s iframe code. To get the code, go to Map Manager and find the gallery listed in the results, then click “Embed”. From there a text box will appear with the iframe for the map gallery (example shown below). Copy the entire iframe and paste it into a post or page in your community.
Note: When pasting the gallery into a post/page, use the Text editor option.

For more detailed instructions, visit the Community Cookbook or view the tutorial video.

Updated on March 19, 2020
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