Using Download Manager in your Community Space

Note: A user must have Editor access to use this feature.

Communities can use the third party plugin- Download Manager, to enhance the capabilities of folders (packages) and files in their community space. A Package is a folder containing documents or media items embedded onto a page or post. Download manager offers many features a community can use in relation to file storage and security. A few of the key features include:

  • Password Protection: All documents uploaded to a package have the ability to be individually password protected. A document can be downloaded and will receive a password prompt to open. A package can also be password protected for the entire folder under page visibility settings.

  • User Access control for packages: Under package settings, user groups are added or deleted from accessing individual packages. (For increased security, additional plugins can be added to further increase security of sensitive documents to specific user groups. Contact for more information.

  • Organization of documents in specific folders: Instead of inserting individual media and document links into your page content from the media library, the plugin allows you to create organized and labeled folders with the documents nested in the package.

  • A variety of display options for packages and documents for ease of access

Here’s How…

For additional information creating Download Manager packages and adding in your community, follow the step by step guide offered in GeoPlatform Plugins and Tools as well as a visual step by step guide in GeoPlatform Videos.

Updated on March 19, 2020
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