Resource Performance Metrics (RPM)

The RPM Dashboard is a helpful tool for getting usage statistics of GeoPlatform Portfolio assets. It can be accessed here:

Help Topics:
Overview Details about interacting with the site and data can be found here.
Interacting with Charts A userguide for interacting with charts and data can be found here.
Glossary A glossary of terms use by the RPM project can be found here.
About Find information about the RPM project and details on the data it collects here.

An overview of GeoPlatform applications usage as a whole (all apps included). Statistics from all GeoPlatform applications are combined in these numbers.
A page devoted to an overview of usage of each GeoPlatfom application. Statistics here include the time a user accesses the application as well as information about where users entered the site and what resources they accessed while visiting.
A overview page of usage of each communities in the current date range. Click on a community to go to a page with more information about how it was utilized by users.
An overview page with the top used resources in the GeoPlatform ecosystem. The page also provides a search feature to allow you to find any GeoPlatform asset. When an asset is selected you are taken to a details page that will display detailed stats about how, when, and where the portfolio asset has been utilized.
An general help page with details about how to use the RPM Dashboard application. This page contains multiple help topics for how to get the most out of the application.

Date Range Picker

You are able to set the date range for statistics you want to view. By selecting the input box under “Range:” in the top right corner, you are able to select a range from a predefined list or set your own custom range.

The range you select will affect all views throughout the applicaiton. If you copy the URL and come back to it later, the range will be preserved and you will see the same consistent statistics.

Interacting with Charts
Toggling Chart Datasets

Each chart has one or more different datasets associated with it. The datasets are displayed in the chart legend along with the color of the chart.

Any dataset can be toggled on and off by clicking on it in the chart legend. The allows you to interactively change the chart to see only the statistics you want to view.

Table View

Many of the charts in the RPM dashboard can also be viewed in a tabular format (rows & columns). Simply click on the view toggle button on a chart to toggle between its chart and table view modes.

Hover Helps

Each chart has hover built to give you definitions of what you are seeing on the chart. Simply hover over a bar or point you want more data about and you will get the number values as well as the description of the metric.

Definitions for RPM Dashboard terminology can be found here.

Date Range Picker

The data displayed in each chart is controlled by the current setting in the date-range picker element. Change the date in the date-range picker to update all charts with the new date range.

More information about the date-range picker can be found here.


RPM Terms – Events represent user interactions with GeoPlatform Portfolio assets.

    The number of actions performed in the application. Actions can be page views, internal site searches, downloads, outlinks, or portfolio asset events.
    The number of pages that are viewed in the application.
    The number of times a Portfolio Asset was utilized (view, display, read, write, update, etc.).
    The user session on a GeoPlatform application. (30 minutes of inactivity will result in a new visit).
    The count of pageviews on this page.
    Daily Unique Visitors
    The sum of the daily unique visitors over days in the period.
    Unique Users
    The user session on a GeoPlatform application. (30 minutes of inactivity will result in a new visit).
    Authenticated Users
    The number of users that are logged into their GeoPlatform account when visiting the site.
    Average Seconds on Page
    The user session on a GeoPlatform application. (30 minutes of inactivity will result in a new average number of seconds a user spend on a page.
    Visitor Volume
    The percentage of visitor volume to the site/application at this time.
    Activity Volume
    The volume of activity (as a percentage) on the site/application at this time. Actions can be page views, internal site searches, downloads, outlinks, or portfolio asset events.

Event Descriptions – Events represent user interactions with GeoPlatform Portfolio assets.

    Asset was created.
    Asset was deleted.
    Asset was modified in an application.
    This is when information about an asset is displayed to a user (e.g., user viewed asset details).
    The number of display events (e.g. accessing a map in the Map Viewer application would trigger a “Displayed” event on the Map and its associated Layer and Service assets).
    This is when an asset is utilized by a user.
    The asset was exported into a downloadable format for use in other applications outside the GeoPlatform.
    This asset is added to another resource (e.g., Map added to a gallery, Layer added to Map).
    This asset was removed from another resource (e.g., Map removed from gallery, Layer removed from a Map).
    Resource was re-ordered (e.g., Layer was moved up or down in a Map).

RPM Project
The goals of the RPM project are to collect usage statistics for assets owned by GeoPlatform and make statistics on usage of these assets accessible to GeoPlatform stakeholders. This information will provide decision makers with quantitative statistics about how national geospatial assets are being used as well as help with future agency and GeoPlatform planning investments. This information should be up to date and accessible to GeoPlatform stakeholders via the web on demand.
RPM Dashboard
The Resource Performance Metrics (RPM) Dashboard exists to let GeoPlatform portfolio asset owners track the utilization of their GeoPlatform assets. It allows asset owners to track how, when, and where their assets are being utilized.
Reporting History
The following dates are when GeoPlatform statistics were first reported by date:

Application Date First Reporting Stated
GeoPlatform Portal 2018-07-01
Object Editor 2018-07-01
Map Viewer 2018-07-01
Map Manager 2018-07-01
Performance Dashboard 2018-07-01
Communities (CCB) 2019 – 08 or later
Updated on December 27, 2019
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