Finding GeoPlatform Items

Click the icon in the navigation menu on the left to open the browse page. Then use the filter and paging controls to locate items.

Default filters available include keyword search, object type, NGDA theme, publishing organization, creator, and geographic extent.

Optional filters which become available when specific criteria are chosen include service type (when type “Service” is selected) and concept scheme (when type “Concept” is selected).

Find Items in Object Editor
Viewing Items

To view more details about a specific item, click the name link for an item in the list of browse results. A viewer associated with the selected item is presented, displaying the properties of the item.

To edit the item, click the button in the toolbar. To remove the item, click .

Click and select a metadata standard to download the item in the chosen format.

View Items in Object Editor
Editing Items

Once you’ve found an item, click the icon for an item in the list of browse results. In the editor that opens, make changes and click ‘Save’ to persist your changes. Click to exiting editing – without saving changes – and return to the item’s viewer.

Some properties are required or have specific requirements and will prevent saving changes until a valid value is provided.

Complex properties, such as geographic extent and distributions, group multiple fields together for editing.

Edit Items in Object Editor
Creating New Items

Click the icon in the navigation menu and select the type of item to create using the dropdown menu. Alternatively, click the icon in the navigation menu and use the controls provided to upload a metadata file to be parsed and converted into a GeoPlatform item.

In the editor that opens, provide required information and optionally any additional information and click to persist the item.

Create Items in Object Editor

For more information about Object Editor, please visit the main help page for the application here.

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