Browse maps by filtering utilizing search terms and / or sorting by specified fields. Maps can be embedded into any other HTML page by utilizing the embed feature. See below for more details. Currently maps featured in Map Manager are curated in GeoPlatform Map Viewer or ArcGIS Online.


Search for maps by name using the form field on the Maps page. Map results can be sorted by name, creation date, and last modified date. In the name/keyword form field, use the keywords “AGOL” or “WMV” to limit results to only AGOL web maps or GeoPlatform Map Viewer maps respectively.

Click a map’s thumbnail to open the map in a new browser tab or window (depending on your browser-specific settings).


Share your maps by embeding them into webpages (see directions below), adding them to galleries (see directions below), or showing them in a WordPress site through the various GeoPlatform plugins.

GeoPlatform Plugins

  • Maps Plugin – Add your GeoPlatform maps into your webpage through this plugin. Using this plugin, users can view, zoom in/out, and toggle on/off layers on the map within your web page.
  • GeoPlatform Search – Connect to the GeoPlatform registry within your webpage to search for resources including your maps and assets.
  • Community Search – Using pre-set filters connect to the GeoPlatform registry to list your maps and assets on your webpage.


On the Maps page, click the button for the desired map. Copy the snippet of HTML that appears underneath the map’s name into your web page.


On the Maps page, click the button for each map that you wish to add to a gallery. Then open the modal window by clicking in the upper right corner of the page.

In the modal, you can either search for an existing gallery using the typeahead box or create a new gallery. To search, begin typing in the search form field and select the desired gallery from the list of results that appear below the form field. Then click “Ok” to add the maps to the selected gallery.

To create a new gallery, check “Create New”, enter metadata in the form fields that appear, and click “Ok” to create the gallery and add the maps to it.


Galleries are groupings of maps, useful for quickly exposing a set of maps to users within a GeoPlatform community.


Search for galleries by name, by author (and author organization), and by community association using the respective form fields on the Galleries page. Gallery results can be sorted by name, creation date, and last modified date.

Click on a gallery in the results to open it and view its information, including maps associated with the gallery.


On the Galleries page, enter metadata about the new gallery into the form fields in the “Create Gallery” block and then click the “Create” button.

Alternatively, you can also create a gallery from the Maps page. After clicking the “Add to Gallery” button to open the modal window, check “Create New” and enter metadata in the form fields that appear. Click the “Ok” button to create the gallery and add the maps to it.


On the page for a specific gallery, click the “Edit” button to enter edit mode. Change any of the metadata using the form fields that appear and remove undesired maps by clicking the button on each map.

Click to persist changes to metadata or to abort editing.

  Removing Maps
Removing maps from a gallery is done immediately after clicking the remove button! Clicking “Cancel” to abort editing the gallery will not undo map removals made while in editing mode.

To search ArcGIS Online and publish AGOL maps to the GeoPlatform Map Registry please login and search via map name, description, and / or author. ArcGIS maps added to the GeoPlatform Map Registry can be embedded into galleries or map blocks.


Search for maps in AGOL by name and organization using the respective form fields on the AGOL page.

Click on a map in the results to open it in a new tab (opens the map in AGOL).


Once you’ve found desired maps on the AGOL page, click the button to publish the map into GeoPlatform. Published maps are registered and available across the platform, including within the Maps page of this application.


If you have previously published AGOL Web Maps to the GeoPlatform Map Registry you will have the capability to “unpublish” those maps from the registry. Performing this action will remove the maps from any galleries that contain the AGOL Web Map.

Click the button to remove a map from the GeoPlatform that has previously been published. This action does not remove the original map from ArcGIS Online.


To filter the list of ArcGIS Online Web Maps shown, click the icon next to the heading of the desired filter type to expand the list of options. Then click the name of the Organization or Group you wish to use as a constraint. You may select multiple options from the lists. Clicking a selected name will remove that value from the constraints.

Since there are many Organizations and Groups that exist in ArcGIS Online, a search box and paging controls are provided to help find desired options to use as constraints. Specify keywords or names that pertain to the Organization or Group you wish to use. The list of options will update automatically based upon your input. Use the paging controls to navigate through the list of values if the number of results exceeds the current displayed page of values.

Updated on February 28, 2020
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