Check out the links below for more information about how to use or navigate through the various GeoPlatform Apps. If you have more questions that aren’t answered in the help pages, email the GeoPlatform Service Desk (
Searching for Datasets at Learn about how to search to find metadata
Map Viewer Learn how to create and save maps using the GeoPlatform Map Viewer
Map Manager Learn how to use the GeoPlatform Map Manager to sort through hundreds of maps created in the Map Viewer or ArcGIS Online.
Marketplace Find information about the GeoPlatform Marketplace and how it works.
Performance Dashboard Learn how to navigate through the GeoPlatform Performance Dashboard.
Object Editor Find information about the GeoPlatform Object Editor and it’s vocabulary.
Community Core Bundle (CCB) Find information about communities, how to edit them, or how to start a new one.
Updated on October 1, 2019
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