Authentication & Authorization performs user and application authentication and authorization using OAuth 2.0 (with OpenID Connect) based workflows for these reasons:

  • Integrates both authentication and authorization functions.
  • Can be used for handling authentication and authorization of both users (human-machine) and applications (machine-machine).
  • Established, strong security practices around OAuth 2.0.
  • Designed to function at Internet-scale across domains, networks, cloud services, and applications.
  • Widely accepted standard, with many libraries and helpers for a variety of languages and platforms.

View more information about the Oauth2.0 workflows for APIs here.

GeoPlatform API Client Library

This Javascript library works in server-side and client-side environments to provide convenient access to the GeoPlatform API and its resources. It supports interaction with both GeoPlatform Portfolio Objects and services of the ecosystem. Find more information (including source) at the GitHub repository.

Getting Started

Get started using the GeoPlatform API in your own application using the sample application walkthrough. The guide walks you through building a simple AngularJS application that queries the GeoPlatform and displays results.

Updated on January 3, 2020
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