Performance Reference Model

Introduction Definition/Description (What) – “links agency strategy, internal business components, and investments, providing a means to measure the impact of those investments on strategic outcomes.”[1]Purpose/Function (Why) – to provide documentable value to all stakeholders by setting ……more

Applying The Performance Reference Model: Approaches Performance spans all of the Reference Models of the FEA guidance. The GIRA sections include a Performance Guide Table for each of the three (3) stakeholders (e.g., Executive Leadership, Program Managers, and Solution Architects). These ……more
Performance Indices Performance measures are often seen as an administrative burden and additional cost to the system investment. However, performance metrics, if reflective of the stakeholder requirements, provides awareness of the value of the investment and enables ……more
Stakeholder Performance Guidance The Performance Guide provides several key considerations and decision points that may influence the design and development of the performance metrics necessary to assess the most effective and efficient design, development, and implementation of the ……more
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Updated on January 31, 2020