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Governance Templates Executive Steering Committee Charter Template Information Sharing Agreement Checklist Data Access Request Process_Questionnaire External Information Sharing_MOA_Template …more

Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrices Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix: Data Inputs Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix: Datasets Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix: Functionality Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix: Functionality of Applications and Services Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix: Infrastructure Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix: Technology …more
Identity, Credential, And Access Management (ICAM) Landscape ICAMLandscape…more
Stakeholder Performance Guides GOVERNANCE STAKEHOLDER PERFORMANCE GUIDE GOVERNANCE Role Responsibility Approach Benefit Executive Leadership • Establish and/or Co-Chair the Chartered governance (ESC/IPT) body. • Signatory to establish Investment Technology Acquisition Review (ITAR) framework. • Signatory to ISAs for access or dissemination of data and/or services. • Work with ……more
List Of GIRA Acronyms ANSI American National Standards Institute ARM Application Reference Model ASRG Architecture and Standards Review Group BJA Bureau of Justice Assistance BOM Bill of Materials BRM Business Reference Model CFO Chief Financial Officer CIO Chief Information Office COP Common Operating Picture CPIC Capital Planning Investment Control CPM Collaborative Planning Methodology CPS Coverage Portrayal Service CRCL Civil Rights and Civil Liberties CRM Consolidated Reference ……more
GIRA References 1. Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB’s) Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, February 8, 2011. 2. White House National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding, December 2012. 3. Australian Information Interoperability Framework, 2006. 4. U.S. Code, Title 44: Public ……more
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