Business Reference Model

Introduction Definition/Description (What) – the Business Reference Model (BRM) provides planning and evaluation practices to document existing geospatial capabilities and identify requirements for new system investment alignment.Purpose/Function (Why) – enables individual business investments, through collaborative governance ……more

Business Reference Model(s) Approach The GIRA BRM will focus upon a practical approach to framing the business and functional capabilities and requirements of the geospatial enterprise, based upon the Governance Structure. The geospatial BRM will leverage The Common Approach ……more
Operational Requirements Documentation At its core, an architecture framework begins with the understanding that technology investments and development should be planned – and that the mission or business owner, not the technology providers, should determine what is needed ……more
Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix The Baseline Assessment is more than just an inventory of investments; but serves as a mechanism to normalize and compare investments; a means to demonstrate to Executive Leadership the magnitude of the collective geospatial need ……more
Stakeholder Performance Guide Business The Performance Guidance provides a summation of the key decision points necessary to determine the most effective and efficient design, development, and implementation of the geospatial system investment. Table 3. Stakeholder Performance Guide: Business STAKEHOLDER PERFORMANCE ……more
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Updated on January 31, 2020