Application Reference Model

Introduction Definition/Description (What) – is a mission/business driven functional framework that provides guidance and evaluation practices used to identify, document, classify, discover, deliver, and share geospatial application and service (App/Svc) capabilities. It provides the basis for ……more

Application/Service Reference Model(s) Approach Federal Agencies are expected to implement the Federal Information Technology Shared Services Strategy[1] and make “Shared-First” the default approach to IT service planning and delivery. Geospatial Apps/Svcs are becoming “commoditized” to a level where users, ……more
Geospatial Services Taxonomy Structures There are differences of opinion across the geospatial community whether geospatial is a mission specific capability, or an enterprise-wise service offering, and now many expect it to simply be another commodity service offering. The cross-cutting ……more
Geospatial Baseline Assessment Matrix As part of the Executive Steering Committee’s authority to initiate the enterprise-wide Geospatial Baseline Assessment, application and service requirements based upon mission/business functional needs from the Operational Requirements Document must also be identified. This business ……more
Geospatial Applications/Service Catalogs Currently, Federal Agencies have limited information regarding the full spectrum of inter-agency IT shared service options that are available.[1] The OMB, working with the Federal CIO Council’s Shared Services Subcommittee established an online IT Services ……more
Geospatial Shared Services Strategy The Federal IT Shared Services Strategy requires agencies to default to a shared solution when opportunities for consolidation exist. Cloud-First and Shared-First concepts and policies are intended to work in tandem to continue to advance ……more
Stakeholder Performance Guide The Performance Guidance provides a summation of the key decision points necessary to determine the most effective and efficient design, development, and implementation of the geospatial system investment. When developing their organization’s annual strategic plans and ……more
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Updated on January 31, 2020