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Here you’ll find the most recently added resources on a wide range of Community and Agency topics. We’re building new resources and communities all the time so come back often and join the conversation!

Geospatial Data Search – Search the geospatial catalog for relevent data to be used in your applications, maps and tools.

FGDC Address Standard Wiki – Explore the newly integrated Adresss Standard Wiki! This community resource is a web-based collaboration area for development, review, and discussion of the United States Street, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard. To access, you must submit a request to servicedesk@geoplatform.gov to get a Wiki user account.

Geospatial Interoperability Reference Architecture (GIRA) – A governance and oversight framework to guide the acquisition, management and development decisions for geospatial technical architectures across government.

Community Core Bundle (CCB) – The Community Core Bundle (CCB) is the starting point for creating specialized content by GeoPlatform partners, such as A-16 NGDA Theme managers and other FGDC-affiliated agencies and communities-of-interest.

Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD) – This site provides National foundation-level geospatial data within the open public domain that can be useful to support community preparedness, resiliency, research, and more.