Visit the Release Overview page for more information about R-15.
Beta Testing

Release 15 has been promoted to the Staging environment and is ready for you to start testing! If you do not have a Staging account (different than your normal account) or your email has changed, you can create a new account here.

R15 Beta Test Guides: If you’re new to GeoPlatform or need a refresher before starting testing, we highly recommend first reviewing these GeoPlatform Beta-test Guides:

Send Us Your Feedback

Find a bug? Please send any bugs, issues, questions, comments, or suggestions to Lara Duffy at

Please include the following information when reporting a bug or a suggested enhancement:

  • subject line: “GeoPlatform R15 Beta Test: [service name]” … e.g., Map Viewer, Map Manager, Object Editor, Performance Dashboard, Marketplace, CCB, etc.”,
  • specify the browser you’re using, and
  • the steps needed to reproduce the issue (including screen shots and as much detail as possible to repeat the issue).

Finally, don’t hold back! Send us feedback as you go (early and often!) but no later than 19 March so we’ll have time to address as many of the reported issues as we can prior to promoting R15 into the Production environment. R15 is currently scheduled to go-live on 2 April. Let us know soonest if you need help or have questions.

Updated on March 29, 2019
Have Other Questions?
Please check out our FAQ page in case your question has already been addressed. If you still need help or want to report an issue, please send us an email at
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