Under the terms of the 2013 Federal Open Data Policy, newly-generated government data is required to be made available in open, machine-readable formats, while continuing to ensure privacy and security. The Data.gov Catalog provides the means for federal and non-federal agencies to make their data discoverable and accessible by the public with tools for searching and browsing.

The Data.gov Catalog can be conveniently searched and the search-results accessed, without having to navigate away from GeoPlatform, using the GeoPlatform Data.gov Search application. This is a reusable application that can be accessed from any web page.

Features of the GeoPlatform Data.gov Search application include:
Search the Data.gov Dataset Catalog for published datasets
Search by dataset name, phrase, or keyword
Filter by organization, organization type, tag, format, topics, status, and topic categories
Filter by area-of-interest (selection on a map)
Sort search results by name, dates, popularity, and relevance
View details about datasets and their related resources
Embed and customize the application within HTML pages
Search Data.gov
Updated on January 11, 2019
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