The 1 July 2018 release of, "Release 12" or "R12", includes the following improvements:
Register a new account and Sign-in
  • Improvements to workflows for self-administering use accounts have been made
  • To register a new account, scroll to the bottom of the portal page and look for “First Time Here?” and click the “Register” button.
    • Or, more directly, go here to create a new account:
  • To login using an existing account, click the “Sign-in” button near the top right of applications like Map Manager, Map Viewer, Object Editor, etc. Once you’re signed-in, your session will be active across all GeoPlatform applications. If you are inactive for more than 15 minutes, your session will timeout and you will need to sign-in again.
GeoPlatform Open API 1.1

  • Core API for read-only searching and accessing  GeoPlatform Portfolio objects (Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, Communities)
  • Core API for authorized create-update-delete operations (requires JWT token)
  • Client-side helper API class for “framework-flexible” convenience
  • Improved the client-side API to streamlined construction of applications
  • Enhanced object query support and improved error handling and reporting
  • Improved documentation, including detailed explanation for obtaining/using JWT tokens.
Community Tool Kit (CTK 1.1)

  • CTK provides standardized, configured, and tested WordPress themes and plugins for improved Dynamic Digital Community experiences within the GeoPlatform ecosystem.
  • The open source PHP code makes the CTK plugins doubly useful as examples for creating your own custom plugins and using the GeoPlatform Open API.
  • These CTK plugins have been refactored and enhanced:  GeoPlatform Maps plugin and the GeoPlatform Community Search.
  • New CTK plugin now available: GeoPlatform Search for searching all resources of the GeoPlatform Portfolio
  • Updated documentation, including recommended 3rd-party add-ons (tested and approved)
  • Numerous defect fixes and UI improvements to themes and plugins
  • The GeoPlatform Maps and GeoPlatform Search plugins have been approved by the WordPress Plugin Review Team for distribution in the WordPress Marketplace. The WordPress review and approval process ( is used to ensure all plugins meet basic standards and follow best practices and thus are broadly usable in WordPress and compatible with 3rd-party components.
Core Community Bundle (CCB)
  • Tested capabilities for creating and sharing topical, dynamic content within Community Spaces.
  • Automated deployment of CCB instances for rapid provisioning of Community Spaces
  • Simplified the onboarding and management of Community Members by aligning with WordPress best-practices,
    • Standardized use of the WordPress-core OAuth2 plugin for authenticating Community members.
    • Community Members must have GeoPlatform accounts, but their membership within a CCB instance and their role (administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber) are managed using the WordPress dashboard.
    • Streamlined capabilities for Community Teams to self-administer member accounts and roles.
Resource Performance Module (RPM 1.0)
  • The GeoPlatform infrastructure is now instrumented for collection, analysis, and reporting utilization metrics for GeoPlatform Portfolio Assets including Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, Pages and Posts, whether they’re used by a Community instance or accessed anywhere within the GeoPlatform ecosystem.
  • For R12, “Display” and “Access” events are tracked for Open Maps and their associated Open Layer and Service objects so their utilization can be analyzed and reported.
Object Editor

  • The primary management tool for creating, augmenting, and linking Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, and Communities as a portfolio of GeoPlatform business objects.
  • Enrich and link GeoPlatform objects with other GeoPlatform objects and external web resources
  • R12 now allows any authenticated GeoPlatform user to import and harvest from external sources of ISO 19115-flavored metadata to register Datasets, Services, Layers, and Maps and from ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to register Maps, Services, and Layers.
Drupal migration and updates to GeoPlatform Portal content.
  • All relevant legacy Drupal content has been migrated to WordPress and updated for consistency with the GeoPlatform style guide.
  • All links to the legacy Drupal CMS content ( have been updated to now reference relevant content found on the GeoPlatform portal ( Notably, the popular “Communities” ( and “Resources” ( pages have been migrated and updated.
  • All other legacy Drupal content will be taken off line in the next release cycle.
  • The GeoPlatform Portal page has been updated to include the GeoPlatform Search application (a new CTK Plugin), enabling direct search and navigation of GeoPlatform Portfolio assets, including Dataset, Service, Layer, Map, Gallery and Community objects.
Support for OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect authentication.
  • The GeoPlatform Identity Management/ Identity Provider (IDM/IDP) infrastructure services were updated for improved support of the industry-leading OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect specifications as the modern, standards-based framework for user authentication and role-based authorization
Updated on January 6, 2020
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