The 18 March 2018 release of, Release-11 or "R11", includes the following new and enhanced features:
Register a new account and Sign-in
  • Create a new user account in the Beta-test environment (Staging):
  • If you need to create, update, or delete anything, you’ll need to sign-in to your Staging user account. Click the “Sign-in” button near the top right of applications like Map Manager, Map Viewer, Object Editor, etc. Once you’re signed-in, your session will be active across all GeoPlatform applications. If you are inactive for more than 15 minutes, your session will timeout and you will need to sign-in again.
Map Viewer

  • Search and browse published maps and layers (try selecting layers from WMTS or WMS-T services)
  • Select from a list of recommended base map layers
  • Compose maps by selecting features and layers, controlling ordering, visibility, opacity, etc.
  • Update Open Map and Open Layer Knowledge Graph classifiers (e.g., purpose, scope, fit-for-use) for improved search
  • Upload features using common formats: GeoJSON, KML, SHP, and CSV
  • Use the gazetteer and geolocation tools
  • Measure distance and draw features
  • Describe layers
  • Bookmark locations
  • Save and share maps using Web Map Context (WMC), KML or JSON documents
Map Manager

  • Create and curate Galleries of Open Map and other GeoPlatform objects
  • Update Open Map and Gallery Knowledge Graph classifiers (e.g., purpose, scope, fit-for-use) for improved search
  • Search and register AGOL maps as Open Map objects
  • Search and browse Open Map objects
  • Create an Open Map object for AGOL Story Map and Web Application items
  • Create Open Map objects by harvesting directly from the URL of an online map resource (e.g., from a Web Map item on an AGOL portal site)
  • Share Open Maps and Galleries as HTML-embedded content
Community Core Bundle (CCB)

  • (New) Explore the “Maps” CTK plugin for embedding Open Map objects as dynamic web maps into community content. Visit here for examples:
  • (New) Explore the “Search” CTK widget for embedding filtered lists of community portfolio assets into community content. Visit here for examples:
  • Navigate the standard landing-page layout with banner, themes, and map gallery
  • Explore the CCB themes, including custom theme for NGDA Theme communities
  • Templates for “map post” pages
  • RSS news feed widget
  • Map Gallery widget
Object Editor

  • Create, publish, and manage GeoPlatform business objects (e.g., Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, and Galleries)
  • Update and link GeoPlatform objects with other GeoPlatform objects and external resources
  • (New) Create a “Community” object for describing communities as portfolio assets.
  • (New) Create and configure Open Layer objects for accessing dynamic content from RSS/ Atom/ CAP feeds.
  • Search, filter, and browse GeoPlatform resources (Dataset, Service, OpenLayer, OpenMap, Gallery, Community, Organization, Contact, Concept)
  • Enrich Knowledge Graphs for Open Layer, Open Map, and Gallery business objects
  • Harvest Service and Open Layer objects directly from online service endpoints
  • Batch harvest online service resources from JSON/CSV-formatted lists
  • Batch harvest AGOL service and map resources (Web Maps, Story Maps, Web Applications), including faceted search by Keyword, Organization and Group
  • (Updated) Upload ISO 19139, ISO 19115-3, and GeoPlatform Profile of ISO 19115-3 flavored  metadata documents to create Dataset and Service objects
  • (Updated) Export ISO 19139, ISO 19115-3, and GeoPlatform Profile of ISO 19115-3 flavored metadata documents for Dataset and Service objects (and Layer and Map objects using the GeoPlatform Profile)
Performance Dashboard

  • (Updated) LMA Dashboard has been updated to publish the 2017 NGDA Lifecycle Maturity Assessment (LMA) results
  • (New) Service and Dataset items  listed in the Service and Dataset Dashboards provide links to view the full object description in Object Editor.
GeoPlatform Open API

  • Core API for read-only searching and accessing  GeoPlatform Portfolio objects (Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, Communities)
  • Core API for authorized create-update-delete operations (requires JWT token)
  • Client-side helper API class for “framework-flexible” convenience
Updated on November 1, 2019
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