Geospatial Platform Workshop
Geospatial Platform Workshop Event Summary

Download presentation slides and audio from the workshop on Dec 7-8, which presented the capabilities of the GeoPlatform to the community of data stewards.

FGDC 2017 ISO Metadata Summit
FGDC 2017 ISO Metadata Summit

Join NSDI Stakeholders for a one day session to share ISO geospatial metadata best practices and implementation strategies and an optional ISO tools session the previous day. Registration required for both.

Cloud Hosting Services
Cloud Hosting Services

Learn more about the managed hosting services offered by GeoPlatform and FGDC for geospatial assets!

Communicate and Contribute
GeoPlatform Communities

A key goal of the Geospatial Platform is to expand the use and understanding of National geospatial resources. Active social interaction plays an important role in sharing vital, timely knowledge to keep our collective data, content and services fresh and engaging. The more you participate and contribute, the better the experience becomes for everyone.

GeoPlatform on ArcGIS Online

The GeoPlatformArcGIS Online (AGOL) organization account provides enhanced web capabilities. Federal partners are able to publish their data as services with no size restrictions. The GeoPlatform builds on AGOL services with the harvesting capability of the GeoPlatform Map Manager

Search the Catalog

Search our massive catalog of geospatial data and tools provided by a multitude of federal agencies. Whether you are a Geographic Professional, Student, Teacher or Citizen, you can find data that will help you with your project, assignment, presentation or concern.

Explore the Marketplace

In the Marketplace you will find a listing of elevation and bathymetric datasets that are planned for acquisition by one or more of the FGDC member agencies. You can use this listing to determine whether a potential partner is already trying to acquire data that you have an interest in. More geospatial data types will be added in the near future.

Apps & Services

Web services play a key role in any open platform experience. provides this experience in two ways:

  • Application services (tools) that run in your browser, which you can use to perform useful tasks
  • Web services that a developer integrates into their own application, through standards-based application program interfaces (APIs).

There are many apps and services already available for use and many more to come in the future!

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